Foundation Fellowship

The CTA Foundation has partnered with the University of Colorado-Denver Assistive Technology Partners housed under the College of Engineering and Applied Science to create its first Foundation Fellowship. Under the direction of Dr. Cathy Bodine, Dr. Vitaly Kheyfets serves as our fellow.

The inaugural pilot program is in partnership with Anthem Memory Care to study fall detection technology in older adults. Specifically exploring whether wearable technology can track the types of falls as well as potentially predict or event prevent falls in seniors. In addition they will identify top Medicare costs related to falls and determine if wearables can alleviate some of these major medical costs.

If you are a company interested in advancing research related to technology for older adults or people with disabilities, use the contact us form to let us know and we can explore opportunities.

The CTA Foundation would like to thank Qualcomm for their generous support of this fellowship. 


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