Press Release | April 01, 2021

CTA Statement on Biden's American Jobs Plan

Jennifer Drogus
The following statement is attributed to Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, regarding President Biden’s infrastructure package, known as the “American Jobs Plan”:
“Our national infrastructure sets the foundation for the American economy and our success in innovation—and we must improve it. There are elements of the Biden plan we agree with. Efforts to update our digital infrastructure, which we need now more than ever, are key to realizing the future of game-changing innovations like self-driving vehicles. Rebuilding our infrastructure will better position the U.S. to compete with our biggest innovation rivals including China. And extending apprenticeships—critical to creating more pathways into tech and advancing diversity—will strengthen the American workforce.
“That said, as a matter of long-standing concern about the U.S. debt and deficit, CTA does not seek direct funding for our own industry. We also have concerns on aspects of the proposal seeking to increase the corporate tax rate and undermine state right-to-work laws. 
“We look forward to our continued work with the Biden Administration and Congress to highlight the importance of proposals that reduce regulatory burdens, increase our global competitiveness and advance transportation and broadband innovations.”