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Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars and connected cars have the potential to reduce more than 90 percent of accidents caused by human error, help eliminate hours wasted in traffic and reduce congestion. The race to put these cars on the road is fueled by the desire to help many people, including those with disabilities and the elderly. However, automakers are facing regulations that limit the adoption of this new technology.

Although the benefits are great, we must still address a number of issues to ensure the success and mainstream adoption of autonomous vehicles. We need to

  • Establish standards for highway signs and lights.
  • Devise new approaches to regulating spectrum, liability, insurance and safety.

  • Consider revised highway rules, parking structures and car-ownership paradigms.

We are encouraged by the federal government’s interest in self-driving cars and look forward to collaborating with federal and state agencies to safeguard government mandates that could stifle innovation and technology development.