Innovation Scorecard

What is the Innovation Scorecard?

The Innovation Scorecard, produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™, consists of two yearly indexes that evaluate innovation-friendly policies both domestically and internationally.

U.S. Innovation Scorecard

The U.S. Innovation Scorecard evaluates 50 U.S. states innovation-friendly policies.

States are graded on 12 categories – quantitative and qualitative – including undergraduates earning STEM degrees and laws governing emerging new technologies. The composite score of each grade determines a state’s overall distinction, Innovation Champions (the highest ranking), Innovation Leaders, Innovation Adopters or Modest Innovators.

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International Innovation Scorecard

The inaugural International Innovation Scorecard grades 38 countries and the European Union across 12 categories. You will find measures of whether or not governments are welcoming disruptive technologies, including the sharing economy and self-driving vehicles, how friendly their tax systems are, and how well they protect the environment, as well as issues of perennial importance such as broadband speed and cost.

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