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Inside CES 2020: Trends and Takeaways

Among the 20,000 new products and services introduced at CES every year is a number of trends that fundamentally shape how we will see and define the future. Inside CES 2020: Trends and Takeaways highlights and explores these trends and the effects they will have on the economy, job growth, and individuals across the globe. Read about key insights from top industry analysts to help you reach and evaluate your business objectives in the coming year. This report includes: Trends analysis and research Top tech products overview CES Innovation Award honorees overview Keynotes and conference highlights Product photography Early-bird Pricing. Order Yours Today! Take advantage of early-bird pricing and pre-order the Inside CES 2020: Trends and Takeaways report for $199. Prices increase to $300 when purchased after January 10, 2020. Pre-order your advance copy and a PDF of the report will be sent to your email address within 14 days after CES 2020. Published: 11/20/2019

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