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I3 Article | July 24, 2019

How will Self-Driving Cars Impact Cities?

Today, cars and cities are inextricably linked, and this will continue as the future is dominated by self-driving vehicles. But the tie-up means both will have to evolve in unison, say experts steeped in autonomous vehicles, smart city technologies and urban studies. To wit: self-driving vehicles must learn to navigate complex environments filled with pedestrians and other obstacles while cities become modified to accommodate them.

I3 Article | November 19, 2019

Health Sensing in Cars

To enable future self-driving cars and today’s advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), automakers have been outfitting vehicles with a growing set of sensors as well as embedded cloud connectivity. 

I3 Article | July 25, 2019

Transportation Tech Enhances Safety

Not only will self-driving vehicles save lives, they’ll also provide new mobility opportunities to seniors and people with disabilities. Many CTA members are developing self-driving technologies and components, in addition to aftermarket solutions to increase auto safety.

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