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Tech Improving Lives at CES 2020

Steve Ewell

At CES you won’t need 20/20 vision to see all the technologies improving lives for people of all ages and abilities. Visit CTA Foundation to see the latest activities we have scheduled for CES and get involved.

CTA Foundation Eureka Park Accessibility Award Winners

In our fifth CES Eureka Park Accessibility Contest, we selected five companies to receive booths in Eureka Park based on their technologies to improve the lives of older adults and people with disabilities. The competition was fierce and we ended up with five diverse types of tech addressing a variety of needs.

The Winners Are:

Access Explorer: Their app, Cavu, is for both iOS and Android devices to provide turn-by-turn navigation in indoor environments for people with disabilities and older adults with age-related disabilities. Cavu aims to alleviate the common accessibility gaps present in indoor navigation. These include the need for better accuracy to reach the desired location, the ability to read information signs and a universally available solution.

Intuition Robotics: The company's first product, ElliQ, is a proactive social robot for older adults aimed at keeping users active and engaged by connecting them to their families and the outside world. ElliQ changes the paradigm around technology by celebrating aging and providing aging adults with the independence they desire through powerful motivation techniques and proactive suggestions to stay active and engaged.

Loro: Loro is an intuitive and inclusive robotics startup that is developing a smart assistive companion for wheelchair users. It empowers its users with increased independence and connectedness by enhancing their vision, communication and safety. Loro was founded in 2018 by a diverse team of engineers, designers and entrepreneurs, allowing for the creation of a holistic and user experience-focused product. All team members share the same mission to give people with physical challenges the ability to communicate, control and connect with the world and loved ones.

TranslateLive: The Instant Language Assistant (ILA) device allows older adults and those with disabilities to be able to instantly communicate with anyone they meet, in person or at a distance. It can help those who are deaf, hard of hearing, low vision, blind, deafblind, speech-disabled and is accessible for those with mobility disabilities. Just speak or type to the ILA and it allows you to have a natural conversation that is not only transcribed in real-time but can also be translated in over 120 languages and dialects. The conversation instantly shows to both parties and can be read or spoken aloud by the ILA.

Mieron: Mieron’s first product, MieronGO, is a library of virtual reality neurotherapy exercises based on the principles of locomotive training, physical therapy and occupational therapy for all levels of mobility. VR is clinically proven to reduce the brain's pain perception by up to 90%, with the effect lasting outside of the VR experience. For older adults with chronic pain and people with neuropathic pain, this pain management system helps reduce dependence on opioids. The MieronGO library has experiences for upper body mobility, core stability, lower body mobility, balance training, gait training, mental wellness and pain management. By working to improve people's mobility by using the Mieron library, users can increase their strength, endurance and physical output, resulting in improved circulation, improving bone density, reducing the risk of secondary injury and improving overall mobility and independence.

Helping Seed Positive Aging

During the CTA Foundation’s fall Board of Trustees retreat, the Board had the opportunity to visit the Front Porch Sunnyvale Community and hear from Davis Park, director of Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing. He explained that their work — which has included pilots on hearable technologies, voice assistants and smart home technologies — is “only possible because of CTA Foundation funding seeding the experience in our community. CTA Foundation support delivers an impact on the members of the community far greater than the grant dollars provided.”

Join Us

Join us at CES 2020. For the latest information, and to join the industry leaders making our work possible, visit CTAFoundation.tech. To be listed amongst the philanthropic leaders enabling people of all ages and abilities to live work and play independently, visit SupportCTAF.org and make a donation.

When you support the CTA Foundation you:

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  • Gain access to subject matter experts on the staff and in the CTA Foundation network.
  • Most of all, you will ensure your resources go to making a true difference to communities in need.

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