i3 | November 13, 2019

Kicking off CES with Unveiled NY

Mark Chisholm and Jeremy Snow

It’s official: CES season is upon us. Last week CTA hosted CES Unveiled New York to get media and influencers excited about CES 2020, CTA’s annual trade show that features the latest technologies and industry leaders in consumer tech. The invitation-only event started with a press conference about the emerging trends that will dominate the CES show floor in January – including a summary of CTA’s Holiday Research – followed by a cocktail reception where 18 companies displayed the products they plan to bring to CES.

CES Unveiled New York featured companies – both startups and established businesses – displaying the latest in sports tech, wearables, robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and more. Here are just a handful of the CES Unveiled exhibitors, and just a slice of the 4,500-plus companies that will be exhibiting at CES 2020:


While Aldo Zini, a serial entrepreneur and leader in hospital automation, loved creating new products and businesses, he realized his growth always sputtered out or slowed down as he had to dedicate the time-consuming specificities of business. The longer his team spent on simple tasks, the less time they had to improve the actual technology they were selling. To help make his own and other businesses run smoothly, he founded Aethon, which makes autonomous, mobile robots and a platform that runs them, designed specifically for industrial, hospitality and health care settings. While the robots automate simple jobs, like bringing medication to hospital rooms or basic manufacturing tasks, the platform allows anyone to customize the robots – no background in coding needed. The result allows workers to easily align with the robots doing their job so they can focus on bigger things. Zini plans to launch the brand new platform this January at CES. 

Fasetto’s Forum

Fasetto’s software, Forum, is looking to make group meetings better for everyone. The platform allows you to wirelessly display your presentation or PowerPoint to every single device in the room without internet, be it a laptop or phone, says Fasetto’s Madison Smith and Steve Walters. No wires, projection screens or telephones needed. Using the Wi-Fi chip inside your laptop to communicate directly to every single other device, Forum makes it easier to share information on short notice, making it great for business meetings, sales pitches or even college lectures. At CES, Forum will display a brand-new version of its software with higher speeds, the ability to connect more people and with brand new capabilities, such as polling and audience interactions. 


Using gamified solutions for rehabilitation is Neofect's specialty. The company has created fun rehabilitation training exercises using games and customized training for each individual patient. Neofect products include the Neofect Smart Board, a medical device intended to improve the functional arm reaching ability; the Neofect Smart Glove, a high-tech stroke rehab device; and the Neofect Smart Pegboard for functional and cognitive rehabilitation. Neofect plans to showcase these new products at CES 2020.

Rewire Fitness

Rewire Fitness focuses on brain training for fitness, using the brain to train the body. Their product, featuring patent-pending technology, allows athletes to seamlessly combine brain training with traditional workouts while using any indoor bike trainer. The platform uses a power meter combined with proprietary cognitive brain training straps that attach to the handlebars of the bike, allowing it to wirelessly communicate with the Rewire Cycling app. As an endurance athlete and a software developer, Rewire Fitness’ Sun Sachs says he moved to co-found Rewire Fitness when he couldn't wait any longer for the science to develop on its own


Pria, from Black & Decker, is a medication-dispensing device for the home. The machine, which also functions as a companion device using IoT technology, connects users with caregivers and loved ones via two-way video calling while also keeping track of and dispensing medication. The company plans to announce additional services, products and features at CES 2020, says Stanley Healthcare’s Director Sean O’Brien.

Sharp Electronics

The established Japanese consumer technology company showcased a company first: a zero footprint, internet-connected microwave drawer. Winner of the CES 2020 Innovation Award, Sharp Electronics new appliance can be built into a cabinet or drawer, allowing users to open a microwave as easily as opening a cabinet at waist level to get a spoon. There’s even an easy-to-install option. As for IoT technology, users can control the microwave with their phone and get recipes or instructions via an app. 

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