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Let Tech Level up your Sports Play

Susan Schreiner

New advancements in IoT, artificial intelligence (AI), 5G and analytics are offering new business opportunities in the smart sports world. And for those who want to improve their golf, tennis, baseball or basketball performance there’s a growing selection of connected sports gear. In 2018, the global sports market was valued at $1.36 trillion, according to Technavio, a sports market research firm. Meanwhile, the global smart sports market is expected to post a compound annual growth rate of over 37% during 2019-2023, according to Technavio.

Data platforms are underpinning the next generation of digital sports products, capturing real-time metrics for player analysis and performance evaluations for actionable behavior changes. They provide detailed insights about form, performance and specifics to improve performance. Innovative startups are transforming the way products collect, analyze and share athletic data.

Tennis Tech is Here


Practice, observation and analysis of your golf swing is vital to improve. An accessory called GameGolf Live Tracking System offers GPS shot tracking, a range finder that measures the precise distance to the green and offers online challenges with golfers worldwide. The SmartGolf Club offers in-depth analysis/replay with its 3D-avatar system. Built-in advanced motion sensors and transmitters in the grip and club head measures the exact swing, and then sends the data to the SmartGolf app.


Professional tennis players have used video analysis to view every stroke in slow-motion detail for years. Now consumers can access that capability, by retrofitting their racket with a sensor that communicates with an app via Bluetooth. Companies like Sony and Champion offer smart tennis sensors that fit on the racquet to capture every shot — to alert the player what needs work. QLIPP Tennis Sensor Enhanced, Zepp Tennis 2 Swing & Match Analyzer offer racquet sensors from Wilson, Babolat, Head, Prince and Yonex.

Matternet drones are perfect for smart stadium technology

Indoor Cycling

Peloton put a new spin on the mundane indoor stationary exercise bike by making the bike smart. Peloton’s large screen and its growing library of instructor-led, live or on-demand studio classes have created a community around its app that makes you forget how hard you’re exercising.

Sports Stadiums

Stadiums are transforming thanks to developments such as live event holograms, computer vision for ticketing and security, blockchain-based betting, and paying concessions using biometric identifiers. Teams are investing in smart stadiums featuring robots and drones from Matternet, Starship and Mythic; real-time crowd sentiment analysis from companies like Affectiva or CrowdOptic;

and real-time player insights from Komodo, Hexoskin, Athos and Signal. Connecting sports gear and stadiums with advanced tech is enhancing and improving experiences for athletes and fans alike.

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