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Issue May/June 2018

May/June 2018 i3 Cover Issue
i3 | May/June 2018

New Concepts

Tech companies are looking for new ways to collaborate to leverage disruptive change, chart business strategy and form relationships to build on new technologies. In this issue of i3, we look at some of the issues that are evolving in the industry and some new relationships as well. 


Artificial Intelligence in China

Chinese companies rush to meet the government’s three-year plan for massive AI deployment.

Electric car being charged
Charging Toward the Future

Fossil fuel-driven automobiles are on a path to extinction, along with the driver’s seat, if current trends persist.

Patient with health app on phone
The Digital Therapeutics Market

Soon software that helps address chronic illness will expand dramatically as patients take advantage of technology’s advances. 


Byton car and two men standing
BYTON’s Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Carsten Breitfeld
Toronto, Canada
International Focus
Toronto, Canada
Robot playing ping pong with human
Technology to Watch
Challenges in Robotics
Human speaking into cell phone
iPhone with health app on screen
The Next Steps


Guest Blog
Congressman Sam Graves
Policy Update
Don’t Let a Trade War Put You Out of Business
Policy Update
CTA’s Gary Shapiro Testifies on AI
Faces of Innovation
Oded Ben-Dov, CEO, Sesame Enable
Tech Hub
Phoenix, AZ


C Space
Social TV’s Evolving Presence
Tech Strategies
Top TV Trends
Forward Strategies
Build Community Around Your Brand
By the Numbers
Smart Speakers
Retail Strategies
Google Partners with Independents
Advice for Entrepreneurs
Money Talks, Experience Echoes for Millennials
Market Beat
AR/VR: Separating Innovation from Science Fiction

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