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i3 | October 08, 2020

Technology Helps Remote Education Make the Grade

The sudden nationwide shift to remote education by schools this spring was a major test for technology, teachers and students alike.

i3 | October 08, 2020

Helping CTA Members Give Back

2020 has been a tumultuous year. The pandemic, economy, social unrest and other issues have people divided and struggling.

i3 | October 07, 2020

The Smartphone Outlook

The smartphone industry is once again in a transitional phase, as mobile 5G capabilities and interest for exciting new technologies, such as foldable displays, are expanding.

i3 | October 07, 2020

Encourage Employees to Stay in Touch

COVID-19 has impacted how consumer technology firmsmarket to customers, manage supply chains and mitigate risks.

i3 | October 02, 2020

Why Mobile-First Firms are Crucial

Mobile-first firms have an 825% higher value upon IPO than companies with no mobile focus, highlighting how essential mobile technology is for success.

i3 | October 02, 2020

Where Do Ideas Come From? Increasingly: Podcasts

Many scripted and non-fiction programs started life as podcasts, affirming the cultural impact of this digital platform that is barely 15 years old.

i3 | October 02, 2020

The Digital Health Sector Comes Together

CTA members are providing solutions to combat COVID-19. Recent innovations in digital health are helping to contain the spread of disease. Here are a few examples of tech solutions from several CTA member companies that are helping to keep us healthy and connected.

i3 | October 01, 2020

Are Jobs as We Know Them Coming to an End?

Jeff Wald, author of The End of Jobs to discuss why jobs are changing so rapidly and how technology is expediting the rise of on-demand workers.

i3 | October 01, 2020

Dealing with China

The U.S. administration has acted to "correct" a merchandise trade deficit with China by imposing tariffs on its goods to pressure China to purchase more American industrial and agricultural products. Of course, it's Americans, not Chinese, who pay the tariffs.

i3 | October 01, 2020

How TVs Have Become More Energy Efficient

Nearly everyone owns a television, and many people own more than one. We watch news, sports and entertainment on televisions every day. They play a vital role in our lives.

i3 | October 01, 2020

Reimagining Retail

Because of the health crisis with COVID-19, retailers are starting to innovate and experiment.

i3 | October 01, 2020

International Focus: France

After getting off to a fast start, France’s COVID-19 contact tracing app has lost momentum in both usage and adoption. After the French government released StopCovid in early June, 1.9 million people downloaded the app from the Google Play and Apple App Store.

i3 | September 25, 2020

EV Connected Services

As the auto industry prepares for a great expansion of electrified vehicle sales — both hybrid and pure battery electric vehicles or BEVs — it’s also developing a slate of connected services to sweeten the deal for consumers.

i3 | September 24, 2020

Faces of Innovation: Inder Singh, CEO of Kinsa

Throughout his career in public health, InderSingh has focused on mitigating the spread of infectious diseases. While observing how public health agencies approach health crises, he has been consistently surprised by the lack of definitive, real-time data about where illnesses were taking place.

i3 | September 24, 2020

The New Workplace, What Comes Next?

By now, six months into the COVID-19 upheaval, we have heard forecasts about what comes next and statistics on how technology and human responses are changing the way we live and do business. Since spring, we’ve learned to rely on Zoom (as well as other video calling tools) and have discovered “Zoom fatigue,” which was virtually unheard of last Christmas.

i3 | September 23, 2020

Innovator: Deena Ghazarian

Austere was founded in June 2019 by long-time consumer technology executive Deena Ghazarian. 

i3 | September 23, 2020

A Tech to Watch: The 5G Rollout

The excitement surrounding 5G is justified given its advanced capabilities, high speed, increased bandwidth and low latency that will inspire development of everything from massive numbers of IoT devices to smartphones to more complex solutions such as AR/VR and mixed reality that require significant computing capabilities on the edge of the network.

i3 | August 05, 2020

The Intersection of Health Care and Tech

The health tech area has blossomed as companies and entrepreneurs leverage premier hospitals, universities and a collaborative tech scene across the nation.

i3 | August 05, 2020

Ten Years of Eureka Park: Graduates Share Their Journey

For ten years, Eureka Park at CES has served as the global stage for startups and a launching pad for tomorrow’s biggest innovations including companies such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Now, a decade later, Eureka Park graduates are sharing stories of how they grew from a small startup in the Sands Expo to a key exhibitor on the main show floor at CES.

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