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i3 | November 27, 2019

Ingrid Sanden of Boolean Girl Tech

Boolean Girl Tech Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Ingrid Sanden and her partners, Brian Moran and
Sarah Eastman, have developed a self-contained computer and engineering kit which teaches girls how to code and build electronics through play. i3 sat down with Sanden to learn more about Boolean Girl Tech and their first
product, the Boolean Box.

i3 | November 21, 2019

Quibi CEO Meg Whitman

i3 speaks to Meg Whitman, CEO of Quibi, a new Hollywood-based shortform streaming startup.

i3 | November 20, 2019

Biometrics: You and Only You

Consumer technology vendors are increasingly turning to biometrics for authentication and security. Biometrics measure the unique physiological characteristics of a given individual to verify his or her identity.

i3 | November 19, 2019

Health Sensing in Cars

To enable future self-driving cars and today’s advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), automakers have been outfitting vehicles with a growing set of sensors as well as embedded cloud connectivity. 

i3 | November 19, 2019

This Technology Is Going to Change Health Care

Focused ultrasound (FUS) uses ultrasonic energy to target tissue deep in the body without incisions or radiation. An outpatient treatment, FUS causes minimal discomfort, leaves no scars and involves only short recovery times. Its overall costs are also usually less than other treatments on the market today.

i3 | November 18, 2019

The Future of Travel

How tech is changing the way people hit the road, air and seas.

i3 | November 14, 2019

The Industry can Benefit from your Excess Inventory

The CTA Foundation has set up a service through iDonate that now allows companies to turn that surplus inventory into a donation that creates positive attention and supports people in need.

i3 | November 13, 2019

Kicking off CES with Unveiled NY

Last week CTA hosted CES Unveiled New York to get media and influencers excited about CES 2020, CTA’s annual trade show that features the latest technologies and industry leaders in consumer tech.

i3 | November 04, 2019

The Gaming Industry Takes Flight into the Cloud

As the gaming industry prepares for a new generation of consoles, it is transforming how people engage with games, relying more on online gaming services and less on physical gaming discs. 

i3 | November 01, 2019

How to Protect your Business from Cybercrime

How can business leaders fight back when the number of apps, transactions and online exchanges that need to be protected is skyrocketing daily? The answer lies in adopting a simple philosophy called Less Than Zero Trust thinking – where the first rule of cybersecurity is to trust no one, and the second is to not even trust yourself.

i3 | October 31, 2019

Making 5G Secure

5G, the next-generation network now being rolled out, is 100 times faster than 4G and can support diverse requirements for latency, throughput, capacity and availability, enabling brand new services for smart cities, smart homes, wearables, connected cars, health care services and a plethora of IoT functions.

i3 | October 23, 2019

Energy Savings on the Rise from Industry Set-Top Box Initiative

This year, consumers are expected to spend $17.7 billion on video software and streaming services - a 25% growth over last year - according to CTA's U.S. Consumer Technology Sales & Forecasts report. But even with multiple of ways to watch video content, whether on smartphones, tablets or laptops, millions of consumers still watch many of their favorite shows and movies through set-top boxes provided by pay TV service providers.

i3 | October 22, 2019

Keep Calm and Stream On

The meteoric rise of video streaming services can be traced to a confluence of megatrends that underpin the 21st century lifestyle, including connectivity, convenience, value and everything on-demand. But how will subscription video on-demand (SVOD) services evolve and what will be the ultimate impact to the industry? From a nearly endless list of movies and TV shows to original series, most would agree video streaming services offer tremendous value. What’s interesting is streaming services are driving consumer spending on media to new highs.

i3 | October 21, 2019

Drones on the Rise

As the technology for unmanned aircraft systems advances, so do the questions about how best to regulate them to deal with safety, privacy and other issues.

i3 | October 21, 2019

Next Generation Streaming

The entrenched dominant OTT providers — Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu are facing new competition as popular entertainment providers prepare to offer streaming services. Disney Plus will include content from Disney’s new Fox subsidiary as well as their immense archive, debuting in November, while Apple TV Plus will also rollout this autumn. AT&T-owned WarnerMedia will begin beta-testing HBO Max by year-end, and the NBCUniversal service (owned by Comcast) is scheduled for delivery in April.

Meanwhile, researchers are identifying consumers’ willingness to pay for OTT. One study found that $17 to $27 per month is the “sweet spot” in Americans’ budgets for this entertainment. Those figures may shape the demographics of subscribers to new services.  Apple and NBCUniversal have not yet confirmed pricing.

i3 | October 21, 2019

Sony Elevates the Customer Experience

Fasulo spearheaded the effort to make “Sony become Sony again,” as the industry dubbed the plan when he took the reins and emphasized innovation and profitability. “When I took over, I immediately said, ‘we are not going to chase market share at any expense,’” the Sony veteran says. “We want to go to the consumer and get credit for who we are, which is premium quality and design.”

This strategy is radical for an industry that for decades valued market share above all else and was embraced by independent resellers including specialists and custom installers. “It has worked extremely well with ProSource-type dealers,” Fasulo says. When he addressed this spring’s ProSource meeting in San Antonio, he outlined a pilot online support and service partnership Sony is planning with independent online retailers.

i3 | October 21, 2019

Innovation at Silicon Beach

On the beaches of Los Angeles, companies are combining tech and the entertainment industry.

i3 | October 18, 2019

Smart Home Evolution

Smart homes are expected to grow to a $4.5 billion market in 2019 in the U.S., according to CTA. That a 16% growth rate over 2018 making it a very hot market.

i3 | October 17, 2019

2019 CT Hall of Fame: Henry Chiarelli

There are few executives who have led as many consumer technology companies to success, or have served the industry as diligently and frequently, as Henry Chiarelli.

i3 | October 16, 2019

Let Wearables Enhance your Life

Wearables are delivering new solutions that integrate easily into consumer lifestyles. These devices use embedded technology that are worn rather than carried and are often considered a subset of the Internet of Things (IoT) category. As of 2017, 127 IoT devices were connecting to the internet every second, and Business Insider estimates it will rise to more than 64 billion IoT devices worldwide by 2025.

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