dynamic forecasts

CTA Dynamic Forecasts

CTA Dynamic Forecasts offer regularly updated market insights on the industry's largest product categories, providing U.S. shipment forecasts for the coming eight-quarter and five-year period, as well as consumer purchase intentions on a monthly basis. This subscription service will allow you to watch CTA forecasts evolve alongside changes in market conditions.

Monthly Insights

Dynamic Forecasts provide ongoing coverage of key market trends influencing product demand. Each report includes monthly highlights of consumer purchase intent and notable industry news that will drive sales. Meanwhile, our forecasting models offer near-term and long-term outlooks that can help you plan ahead.

Featured Products

Data insights from our CTA Dynamic Forecast on Laptops. 
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Packed With Data

CTA's Dynamic Forecasts offer insights on the following data points:

Eight-Quarter & Five-Year Forecasts
  • Unit Shipments
  • Revenues
  • Average Wholesale Price
Consumer Insights
  • Purchase Intent
  • Ownership
  • Household Density

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