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INTERVIEW: BYTON on CES 2019, New Announcements and More

Kelsey Davis, Sr. Manager, Digital Media Marketing, Consumer Technology Association

BYTON, an electronic vehicle company, made a huge splash last month at CES 2019. Following exciting product announcements at both CES 2018 in Las Vegas, and CES Asia 2018 in Shanghai, the BYTON team returned to CES to show off their newest technologies.
We had a chance to speak with Jose Guerrero, Director, Go To Market North America at BYTON, about their experience at CES 2019 and what’s next for BYTON.

Why did BYTON choose to attend CES 2019?
BYTON chose to attend CES 2019 after an incredible experience at the show the previous year in launching our first concept car, the BYTON M-Byte SUV. The success of this unveil and the momentum it generated throughout 2018 ensured that we would once again have a presence at the biggest tech show of the year. CES is the ideal platform for BYTON to highlight our smart device on wheels and consumer-centric technology.
What were the major announcements BYTON made at CES?
At CES 2019, BYTON revealed the first glimpse of the production version of the highly intuitive user interface in our M-Byte and focused on our company’s functional capabilities, including the path to production.

  • Delivering a production model car that is 80-90% the same as the concept​

  • Growing exponentially & establishing a manufacturing center in Nanjing ​

  • Moving fast: From concept to production with the M-Byte in record time – just 39 months​

  • Making your time in your car more enjoyable through meaningful innovation with the BYTON Life platform

Tell us a little about your CES 2019 experience.

  • BYTON hosted a filled-to-capacity press event, along with a BYTON lounge, on the first media day.  

  • BYTON hosted a heavily-attended booth during CES show days, showing both the M-Byte and K-Byte Concepts.

  • At both our BYTON Lounge and booth, we featured an AI Experience that showcased real-life use cases for our technology, including facial recognition and machine learning for preferences and recommendations. 

  • The Amazon Alexa booth also featured a BYTON M-Byte Concept to show the developing level of voice assistance our vehicles will have.

  • With the focus on BYTON’s path to production and showcasing the company’s technology, including its innovative user interface, we garnered impressive attention at the show from media, vendors and consumers alike. There was a major increase in media attendance at BYTON’s CES 2019 press event, as well as a greater number of written articles about BYTON compared to 2018.

What is next for BYTON?
Next steps for BYTON include a year’s worth of engineering development, factory construction, and infrastructure development as we move towards the start of production for M-Byte at the end of 2019. We fully expect to have a presence at both CES Asia in June and CES 2020, with major announcements and production versions of our first vehicle.