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Mixed Reality and Immersive Media at CES 2019

Morgan Hatfield, Social Media Intern, Consumer Technology Association
Leaders from the NFL, NextVR, Intel, Yahoo Sports for the Verizon Media Group and Fox Sports  took the stage at CES 2019 to discuss how mixed reality and immersive media are changing the way we consume sports. Through creating new ways for fans to interact and experience the game like never before, these visionaries shared what’s ready now and what they believe is coming next.

“I remember two years ago thinking, ‘what do we call this category?’… and the best descriptor at the time, and nobody was really using it, was immersive media. I think we need to add an additional descriptor around personalization because we’re all different and it is going to be very, very personal,” described Sandra Lopez, VP of Intel Sports and Media, on how Intel decided to use the term “immersive media.”

Watch to learn more about the vision these executives have for immersive media in the coming years:


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