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Black Friday Week Preview: How Shoppers are Buying Tech

Morgan Hatfield, Social Media Intern, Consumer Technology Association

The holiday season is upon us and the biggest shopping week of the year is just a few days away. According to new Consumer Technology Association (CTA) research, 2018 Holiday Outlook Series, Part 1: Pre-Black Friday Week, 85 percent of U.S. shoppers plan to buy tech devices during Black Friday week (from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday).

"About 110 million U.S. adults plan to shop for tech over Thanksgiving Week, including Black Friday," said Ben Arnold, senior director of innovation and trends, CTA. "…Almost a third of those planning to shop during the holiday season say they wait all year for Thanksgiving Week to buy big-ticket tech items like smartphones and TVs."

The U.S. adults who intend to purchase tech products during Black Friday week revealed the top five products on their shopping lists:

  1. Smartphone and TV (tied ranking)

  2. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  3. Video Game Console and Laptop (tied ranking)

  4. Digital Media Streaming Device

  5. Smartwatch

Not all shoppers will be giving these tech devices as gifts though - 33 percent of shoppers indicate that they are likely to take advantage of the deals and buy the tech devices for themselves.

Many holiday shoppers will purchase these tech devices online and have them delivered to their home (59 percent), while 38 percent of holiday shoppers plan to shop online through an app and 37 percent plan to purchase online and pick up their gifts in-store. Among these online shoppers, 42.4 million consumers plan to shop for tech via a voice-enabled digital assistant, also according to 2018 Holiday Outlook Series, Part 1: Pre-Black Friday Week.

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