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This Robotic Shading System Tracks the Sun to Keep You in the Shade

Kelsey Davis, Sr. Manager, Digital Media Marketing, Consumer Technology Association
ShadeCraft Robotics is on a mission to improve the quality of our time outdoors. At both CES 2017 and CES 2018, ShadeCraft showcased the SUNFLOWER, the world’s first robotic, autonomous shading system.

The SUNFLOWER tracks the position of the sun to always optimize the amount of shade you get. It also recharges using solar energy and can be integrated with Bluetooth, Wifi or a cellular plan to connect to all of your smart home devices.

“CES 2017 was a catalyst for a three-generation growth in our product development and message refinement,” said Armen Gharabegian, ShadeCraft founder and CEO. “We knew that with the variety of consumers, distributors, investors, and press at the show, CES 2018 could offer us global expansion and put us in front of all the right people in ways you can’t obtain at other shows.”

See how the SUNFLOWER works in the video below:

Learn more about ShadeCraft Robotics’ CES success story here and save the date for CES 2019.