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Digital Imaging Division

The Digital Imaging Division of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™ strives to support the growth and profitability of the digital imaging industry.

Key Initiatives

  • Increase consumer education and awareness of digital imaging technology products.
  • Establish CTA as a key organization in the digital imaging industry and participate in CTA and other organization’s digital imaging events.
  • Conduct annual market research around digital imaging devices, products and services.

Division Projects

"Life Is" Photo Industry Campaign
CTA worked with PMDA and IIPI to develop tools that encourage photo capture and output. Resources and deliverables include web ads, a campaign logo, social media tools and educational photo resources geared toward Gen Y moms.

CTA member companies can use these resources on their own web and social platforms.

How You Can Participate

Participation is open to all CTA members. Contact us to be included in Digital Imaging Division communications and meeting notices.

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