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SAVANT Pro Remote X2


Please provide a brief description of your product or project and highlight how the product or elements of the project enhance consumers’ at-home experience.

The Savant Pro Remote X2 gives a personalized control experience to everyone who touches it. It delivers a full range of control for Services and Scenes, including Entertainment, Lighting, Climate, Shades and more. And with Siri voice control, color control, Savant TrueImage lighting, plus the ability to select different video tiling layouts right from the screen, no remote experience delivers more power with such simplicity.

How does this product or project reflect the changing landscape of the smart home industry?

The Savant Pro Remote X2 was designed in direct response to consumer demand for an elegant wand-style remote that combines the tactile feel of hard buttons with the unmatched smarts of a touch screen interface. The Pro Remote X2 gives users immediate access to Savant Scenes, as well as effortless and personalized control over smart living features such as entertainment, lighting, climate and much more.

Why is winning a Mark of Excellence Award important to your company?

The CTA Mark of Excellence Award is one of the prestigious honors within the entire CE landscape, and an excellent way of promoting the culture of innovation and legacy of fine products that have been the hallmark of the Savant brand for more than 15 years. 

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