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Nortek Builder Services Program

by Nortek Control

Please provide a brief description of your product or project and highlight how the product or elements of the project enhance consumers’ at-home experience.

One of the technology industry’s most comprehensive support programs, the Nortek Control Builder and Integrator Services Program is designed to provide all the tools, marketing, products, staff, support and education to help integrators and builders connect, collaborate and provide homeowners the ideal integrated smart home system and technologies for their residence across the U.S., Canada and beyond.

This support program includes a combination of online, live and physical components such as co-branded marketing collateral, videos, and educational support including strategies for technology infrastructure, event support, products and a dedicated team designed to help integrators and builders make it easier to share the home technology story and benefits with homebuyers and simple for them to understand and purchase the right automation package.

Both building and in-unit solutions are laid out in a simple package approach and include everything from building security and property management, to door locks, climate controls, shades and lighting, AV entertainment, security, surveillance, gate, and garage controls and more.

Today, with this exclusive combination of vision, people, products, marketing and support, Nortek Control makes it possible for Integrators and Builders to deliver mutual, personalized smart solutions that wow homebuyers while helping sell more homes and consumer technologies.

How does this product or project reflect the changing landscape of the smart home industry?

This program was developed to deliver exceptional smart and connected home experiences to end customers, making the process easier, faster and more effective for Integrators. The program spans all the latest technologies including control and automation, security, gate access and surveillance systems, entertainment, environmental controls and smart home and even management standards across properties.

The integrator has immediate access to a 100-percent, dedicated team and all the marketing, selling and support tools that takes work off them. As busy, typically small- to mid-sized companies, most integrators do not have a dedicated marketing team who can produce packages and support builders efficiently, particularly in multi-dwelling units, rentals or multi-home communities. This program provides them customized tools branded with their company information.

The dedicated Nortek Control team also works with Integrators to create a customized standard for every home, unit or community, which helps them effectively scale and allows them to focus on the standardized prewire, install and support. Best practices, education and onsite support are shared. Collective collaboration with builders, construction firms, designers and across all trades are involved. Products are backed by a longer warranty. More importantly, this program comes from one company, streamlining consistency, delivery and support.

Why is winning a Mark of Excellence Award important to your company?

The CTA Smart Home Division Mark of Excellence Awards sets the benchmark in our industry for the best in custom integration and installed technology. To be recognized among the best of the best is a great honor that we take very seriously. Technology and innovation are at the core of our DNA at Nortek Control. As such, this is a testament to our solutions and very important to our ongoing work. As a thankful recipient of this prestigious award, we recognize that this is the result of our dealers, builders and clients, the many dedicated, driven employees in our company and the experienced Mark of Excellence Award judging panel. We continue to be inspired by our employees' tenacity and quest in solving customer problems, delivering products and software that take our integrators and industry to new levels and backing it all with best-in-class customer service and support. These coveted CTA Mark of Excellence Awards honor all of these aspects and we are both excited and humbled to receive them.

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