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M6 AX Mesh System

by Mercku

Please provide a brief description of your product or project and highlight how the product or elements of the project enhance consumers’ at-home experience.

With shifts in technological and cultural trends, today's consumers demand high-performance, easy-to-use and reliable networking equipment. Consumers in every user demographic expect a consistent connection for work, entertainment and communication with friends and family. The Mercku M6 AX Mesh System enhances the Wi-Fi experience by excelling in these critical areas — usability, performance and dependability.

Users can easily set up their M6 in three simple steps or create greater coverage with its modular design in one simple step, supporting homes of any size. Mercku's self-healing mesh gives users the flexibility to position the nodes anywhere in their homes and get the most efficient routing every time.

Mercku's engineering team pioneered the modern smartphone antenna and leveraged that experience to create reliable, high-performance Wi-Fi systems. Combined with the latest technologies available with the new wireless standard, such as BSS Coloring, Target Wake Time, and OFDMA, the M6 boasts 50% faster throughput and four times the efficiency than previous Wi-Fi standards, even on highly congested networks.

Building on the M6's proprietary hardware innovation and award-winning design, Mercku also developed accompanying 360-degree management tools, including the Mercku app and accompanying web UI. Made accessible in a simple, convenient user interface, users can control their network anytime, anywhere.

How does this product or project reflect the changing landscape of the smart home industry?

In the next five years, both homes and businesses will continue to witness a dramatic increase in the number of client devices, a three-fold increase in internet traffic and a more diverse base of connected home technologies that will heavily rely on Wi-Fi. Ever-increasing density networks, higher throughput requirements per client and changing network needs will dictate the market shift towards Wi-Fi 6.

Wi-Fi has a significant impact on our global economy and the surge in remote work and online collaboration reflects shifting consumers' network needs. With the projected increase in the number of client devices per user, network density and stress affect client devices' real-world performance, on which billions of users rely daily for work, play and communication.

The M6 AX Mesh System is a flexible, reliable and top performance solution to the dynamically shifting market and consumer needs. Wi-Fi 6 technology, coupled with Mercku's innovation in the art of Wi-Fi design, creates unparalleled speed, coverage and usability. Moreover, Mercku helps service providers remotely manage and troubleshoot their subscribers' devices with Mercku's own Network Operations Center, further improving the end-user experience. By supporting more devices, eliminating dead spots and multiplying bandwidth capacity for the user, while making it easier to monitor and manage the integrator network, Mercku's M6 is the pinnacle of wireless performance in this next era of connectivity.

Why is winning a Mark of Excellence Award important to your company?

Mercku was built with the vision to connect the world through cutting edge advancements in wireless communication technology. This vision manifests with every new product Mercku designs and every user it connects. The Consumer Technology Association's recognition of Mercku's vision is sending the industry a powerful message about smart home technology's future.

As homes become more autonomous and connected, a robust Wi-Fi foundation has become necessary in providing the ability to sense, simplify and secure their inhabitant's lives. Connectivity is at the core of Mercku products' design and function. In reinventing home Wi-Fi connectivity, Mercku is creating a positive global impact through powerful and easy-to-use technology accessible to billions around the world. Mercku's achievement highlights an underlying industry trend – a shift towards user-centered, well-thought-out design, and Mercku is at the forefront of this movement.

Winning this award is solid proof that Mercku’s vision is quickly becoming a reality and reassuring its direction. By awarding Mercku with the Mark of Excellence Award, CTA spotlights the impact we have on our users' daily lives and demonstrates the importance of innovative Wi-Fi products as the foundation of all connected smart home technology. Awarded with special recognition, the future-proof M6 Mesh System leads the way into the next era of connectivity.

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