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Fusion Audio + Video

for Lakefront Luxury

Please provide a brief description of your product or project and highlight how the product or elements of the project enhance consumers’ at-home experience.

Impeccably designed and curated, this lakefront oasis was crafted to reflect the homeowners' passions and hobbies: art, nature, wine, music, entertaining and travel. Although the homeowners sought state-of the-art technology, their desire was to keep the eye focused on their elegantly designed home interior. The result is stunning: an effortless audio video experience that includes invisible in-ceiling speakers throughout their main floor, hidden, customized TV lifts, sophisticated equipment cabinets, custom TV mirrors, motorized shades, an extensive security system, home automation and more.

All this technology is simply and intuitively accessible through the Elan home control system. Disguising technology was the most important aspect of the project to the client during the design phase, but the home automation features of the completed project have proven to be an unexpected source of convenience and peace of mind. Now that they use the system daily, their feedback is that home automation has become their favorite feature because it allows them to control their system from a distance. After enjoying the benefits of smart home technology, they are now in the process of installing similar systems at other properties that include all the automated features they have come to love.

How does this product or project reflect the changing landscape of the smart home industry?

As the custom integration industry evolves, smart home capabilities have moved to the front of the line as clients realize the convenience and security they bring to every aspect of their homes. Luxury audio video, once relegated to home theaters or media rooms and impressive audio systems, has now expanded to integrate every system, room by room, for total technology immersion in clients' homes, allowing homeowners peace of mind reaching beyond a premium audio and video experience.

This project focused on system components and the home's aesthetic with home automation features as simply a means to operate the system; however, day-to-day use of the system has become the silver lining of the project. The simple, comprehensive connectivity and functionality of home automation is what these homeowners now appreciate the most about their lakefront home, whether they are lounging by the pool, entertaining guests, powering down for the night, or checking their security system while out of town. Home automation has also led to a stronger relationship with our client, providing us additional opportunities for training and education throughout the design and installation process and continuing as we transition into the service phase of the project. As we plan for the future, our staffing needs now require well-rounded technicians to meet the demands of not only programming and installation, but also to provide client education.

Why is winning a Mark of Excellence Award important to your company?

At Fusion, we are always striving to drive improvement both individually and collectively as a team. We continually refine our processes and goals to accomplish increased efficiency and expertise. The second we think we have arrived or fail to look in the mirror and ask how we can improve, is the second we'll crack the door to failure. Winning the 2021 Mark of Excellence Award is great recognition for our teams' hard work and dedication during a challenging year and the span of a challenging but rewarding project. Celebrating this winning project confirms that we are on the right path: continuing to pursue improvement and meeting challenges head on. 

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