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by Logical Buildings

Please provide a brief description of your product or project and highlight how the product or elements of the project enhance consumers’ at-home experience.

GridRewards is a first-of-its-kind program that empowers homeowners, apartment renters and small business owners to tap into their smart electric meters and receive cash rewards from their utility.

GridRewards enrollees use a gamified app to

  • Track their home’s energy usage and carbon footprint.
  • Follow customized recommendations to reduce their monthly consumption and carbon.
  • Earn real income.

Operating in New York for Con Edison customers, the free program is the first to allow homeowners to leverage smart meters for real-time monitoring, enabling transparency into energy pricing and consumption, carbon use intensity, and helping consumers make informed decisions.

GridRewards’ launch in spring 2020 was crucial to homeowners and their local grids during the COVID-19 pandemi, when the shift to working from home created a massive redistribution of energy usage from commercial offices to residences. Over its first summer, GridRewards provided users with the unprecedented ability to monitor and manage the spike of energy consumption in their homes — where electricity bills rose by as much as 25%, according to Bloomberg. Using GridRewards’ gamified mobile app interface, participants who monetized their smart devices in the program’s first summer earned as high as $1000 (20% of the user’s annual bill) in cash rewards from their utility.

How does this product or project reflect the changing landscape of the smart home industry?

GridRewards is a first-of-its-kind program for homeowners to understand and take control of how they use and pay for energy, plus reduce carbon emissions. With no hardware to buy and no payment required, GridRewards enrollees can easily take guided actions and watch their energy usage drop on the app, translating behaviors into payouts with real-time transparency.

In New York City, where this data was previously only available to the largest 1% of buildings, 5.5 million energy users are now able to monitor their energy and carbon impact in real time and take advantage of saving/revenue opportunities. Homes with consumer electronic smart home devices can earn more dollars, save more money, and track their efforts decarbonizing their community. GridRewards empowers smart homeowners to make informed decisions about how they interact with the electric grid.

Utilities are rolling out smart meters for customers across the country, but programs have barely begun to scratch the surface of leveraging the troves of new energy data to give homeowners insight into their own consumption. Even with smart meters, most people continue to operate using conventional methods, with limited visibility into electricity usage outside of end-of-month bills. The GridRewards program offers an engaging and simplified model that lets utility customers understand, monitor and take control of their electricity and carbon usage in real-time.

Why is winning a Mark of Excellence Award important to your company?

We’re truly honored to be named the Mark of Excellence Awards Energy Efficiency Product of the Year for 2021. The CTA’s recognition of GridRewards speaks volumes about the mobile platform’s breakthrough role in giving new insight, guidance and control over energy usage and carbon emissions in the home. Through GridRewards, consumers are reaping more benefits from the continued evolution of the smart home worldwide. Our product is interoperable with an ever-increasing amount of consumer electronics smart home devices and smart utility meters globally.

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