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Crestron Home™

by Crestron Electronics, Inc.

Please provide a brief description of your product or project and highlight how the product or elements of the project enhance consumers’ at-home experience.

Crestron Home™ is the world’s most powerful and responsive smart home platform that seamlessly manages all devices in the technology-driven homes of today. The beautiful user interface delivers a sophisticated, intuitive experience with elegant animation to give homeowners control over everything either remotely from their mobile devices or at home using touch screens, voice command, remotes and more. Crestron Home supports modern living, delivering speed and simplicity for commanding home entertainment devices, thermostats, shades, lighting, security, HVAC, appliances and more — all from a single app. Every home is unique, designed to suit the homeowner’s aesthetic, desires and routines.

Crestron Home offers the ability to customize, create, and organize favorites and schedules, with no detail left untouched. Uniting products under one smart home foundation, Crestron works with partners such as Amazon Alexa, Delos™,, Sonos, Yale® and more to deliver a connected, best-in-class smart home experience. Crestron Home also enhances the design, aesthetic and lifestyle of the home. Whether homeowners are focused on security, want to elevate their entertainment experience or are seeking an easier way to manage lighting and temperature control, Crestron Home is designed to suit all their needs. Crestron Home is the foundation for the future home, combining the best of design and technology to start a family on a path to connected living today and into the future.

How does this product or project reflect the changing landscape of the smart home industry?

A Crestron Home household is always evolving. In addition to the adjustments that homeowners can make to suit their lifestyle, new updates continuously enhance the system with added features, functions and experiences. With a professional who custom designs and supports the system, homeowners can rest assured that their home is secure, dependable and can be upgraded or expanded with the newest technology. Crestron Home is the foundation for technology throughout the entire home without complexity, giving homeowners ease of operation from any device, whether a smartphone app, touch screen, remote, wall keypad or voice command.

Homeowners can maintain the control and customization they desire, with the ability to adjust their lighting schedules, create scenes operating multiple devices and adjust favorites on the home screen of the interface. They can also make adjustments via the app, including tweaking a playlist, dimming a light or making a new schedule. The home has become the setting for working, learning and socializing, and families are now using video conferencing in their living rooms, desks, offices and bedrooms. The new Crestron Home Tabletop Audio Conferencing System is an all-in-one system that includes a professional conferencing phone, integrated 7-inch touch screen, high-fidelity speaker and a four-microphone array. With native Crestron Home for full room and house control, this system puts audio conferencing and home control at your fingertips. 

Why is winning a Mark of Excellence Award important to your company?

This Mark of Excellence Award recognizes Crestron’s commitment to delivering new and purposeful solutions that elevate the Crestron Home experience. Crestron continues to observe the industry, and both anticipate and meet customers’ needs by quickly developing new solutions that are demanded in today’s smart home. Built to evolve, Crestron Home is constantly introducing new features and adding support for Crestron’s best-in-class professional technology, all backed by the best customer service in the industry. With the changing work and learning landscape, Crestron was uniquely qualified and positioned to create new technology experiences like Crestron HomeTime™ and the Crestron Home Tabletop Audio Conferencing System. Crestron’s legacy in the enterprise technology and smart home industry positioned the company to create purpose-built technology solutions to deliver intuitive collaboration experiences for homeowners.

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