Drones are changing our lives for the better from providing safer inspection and maintenance of infrastructure and helping first responders during emergencies to supporting more efficient crop production and delivering essential supplies and medicine.

CTA works with local, state, federal and international governments to advance the drone industry, address safety and privacy issues and promote the responsible use of drones.

CTA works closely with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and U.S. Department of Transportation, and participates in groups that contribute to the regulatory framework for drone operations and educate the public about safe drone use. 

Policy Priorities

Oppose Harmful Legislation

Oppose harmful legislation threatening innovation and the market growth of recreational and commercial drones.

Support Leadership

Support continued national leadership on drone policy and the evolving framework for an Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management system.

Advance Standards

Advance a remote identification standard that is not burdensome to industry or consumers and meets the needs of the law enforcement and security communities.

Support FAA Rules

Support FAA rules for expanded operations - including beyond-line-of-sight, flight-over-people and nighttime drone operations - which our nation needs to fully realize the benefits of drone technology.

Be a Drone Defender
Action Campaign

Be a Drone Defender

Some local and state governments are overregulating drone usage while the federal government continues to develop national rules regarding drones. Sign the pledge and join us in defending drones.